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Hello, i have limited expierence using audacity, so please bare with me. i’m using windows 7 home premium. my version is 2.x.x. here is my question. when recording a song, is it possible to adjust the volume of the music and the vocals seperately. on the song i’m working with now, i have tried many times to remove the volcals. by using the amplify function. the problem is that it reduces the music as well. any ideas???

when recording a song, is it possible to adjust the volume of the music and the vocals seperately.

I assume you’re not recording your own song from scratch, where you could record the vocals and instruments separately…

With the [u]Vocal Reduction And Isolation[/u] effect can adjust the center channel (whatever is identical in the left & right channels) to some extent. The lead vocals are usually centered, but sometimes background vocals are and reverb are not centered, and usually there are other instruments in the center and those will be affected along with the vocals.

Your results will vary, depending on the song. Sometimes you’ll get good results, but in general I consider this is a “novelty” effect and it rarely gives you professional-useful results. “You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake, and you can’t un-mix a song.”

my version is 2.x.x.

It’s good to know what those real number are. Help > About, I think on Windows.

Audacity will allow you to record the music and the words separately through Overdubbing.

Start by generating a click track to keep you on beat. Play that back into your headphones and sing the vocal. Then play back any of those into your headphones and record the guitar. You can keep going. Add another guitar or another voice…and another.

It is possible to record your voice into a microphone and the guitar into the amp connection (but not the amp) and keep them separate in one pass with a digital interface that supports that kind of job like the Scarlett 2i2. Several people make USB interfaces which can do that. When you record that way, you get a stereo show (two blue waves) with your voice on Left and the guitar on Right. It sounds funny, but it lets you do effects and corrections on either one separately and mix them together later for a final song.

But that only easily work with two sounds. The minute you think about two guitars and your voice, you get into multi-channel recording, special drivers, connections and software, etc.

You can play into a mixer and create a song with as many microphones as you can plug in, but most of those mix down to stereo for recording and once you smash everything together into one stereo show, you can’t take them apart again. Basically where you are now.