Track view has changed

I am using Windows 10, with Audacity 2.1.1, I don’t know whether it was from an .exe or .zip.
I have been using this software for a long time and had something unexpected happen. I was editing some audio tracks - amplifying or reducing amplification - and the track view changed and I don’t know why. I was using the short cut keys instead of the mouse - Alt + C, then A, then Enter - to get to the amplify effect. I will upload to pictures. One shows what the track used to look like, the other show what they look like now (now they have alternating bands of 2 shades of grey instead of just one solid band of grey.)
Audacity track view original.JPG
audacity track view change.JPG

You’ve accidentally clicked on either the Envelope Tool (or the Multi-Tool) - just click on the Selection Tool (or use shortcut F1)

see this page in the Manual:


Oh, and this page will show you just what you can do with the Envelope Tool:


Thanks! I have been using Audacity for years and have never used or noticed those options - they are quite useful.

Another place to be wary of clickin in is the Vertical scale:

When you hover the cursor over the Vertical Scale it changes to a magnifying glass - left-clicking there zooms in vertically on the waveform, right-clicking there zooms out.