track times "ends" but there's still audio?

Running Mac OS 10.11.2, Audacity 2.1.2. Mixing a bunch of different tracks together in Audacity for a podcast, then exporting as a MP3 and dumping on my RSS for upload. Problem is, I try to do liner notes for each episode (we talk about topic X @ 23:11, etc.) and I’m getting a weird problem. iTunes shows the identical track length as Audacity, and just as everything else does. Problem is we have end credit music for about the last 30 second of the podcast, its there but the time index is off for lack of better word? When I skip to 30 seconds left in the pod in iTunes, it just keeps going and going, EVEN AFTER iTunes shows 0:00 remaining. The audio recording is fine/good, just the time index within iTunes is off.

Kinda WTF, and not the end of the world but just super annoying. Any ideas?

If you are exporting variable bit rate MP3, try changing to constant bit rate MP3, or use a different player app.

Or you can export as WAV and convert to MP3 in iTunes.


Saving as a WAV, then converting to MP3 in iTunes got it - must be something weird going on with my plugin and iTunes.

Thanks for the suggestion!