Track skipping half-way through?

I just used Audacity to cut some audio, and when I played it in Audacity it seemed to be fine. I saved it as an Mp3 and played it in iTunes, at which point it got halfway through the song and skipped to the next track, with seemingly no explanation as to why. I’ve tried saving it several times in several different ways as an Mp3, but it still would skip at the same place, no matter what I tried. Eventually I exported it as an M4A and it seems to be working fine now, except I’m still curious as to why the Mp3 didn’t work. Any ideas?

Running Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 8

How long is the show?

Right-click > Get Info over the MP3 in iTunes and see if you have it set to play only part of the file.

Note if you have a selection in Audacity but want to export the whole song you must choose File > Export…, nor File > Export Selection… .