Track screen area starting point not staying in its place

I wished that I noted this in the 2.2.2 version. In the 2.2.2 version, while looking at the track at its current location. This is my experience: I’m zoomed in that it can only display a track for a one second range in the screen, which of course we have to in order to remove a crickle or a crack on any LP recording that has them.

I click at a point of the time frame in the screen, let’s say 2:00:000 mark, and you play the track. Obviously the track keeps going and it moves to the next second(s) of track. You press play again to replay the track starting at the 2:00:000 mark. Normally in previous Audacity versions, the mark is normally at the left end the screen where you clicked it, and is doesn’t go beyond that left end point of the screen, and when you zoom in more it will center that marking point on the screen.

That has not been the case on the 2.2.2 version or the latest 2.3.0 version. On the 2.2.2 version, the mark goes beyond the left of the screen, and it is not seen. Also, when I replay the track in its current one second range within the view, the track shifts slightly and doesn’t stay in its original place, especially when one tries to find a hidden crack to clean up.

Now, the 2.3.0 version does the same thing as the 2.2.2. version, but it is indirectly related worse now. In my experience, The beginning of the one second range started at the 3:28:000ish mark. When I play it within that one second range without it going to the next second, and replay it again, the beginning point glitches showing it at “3:20:000ish” for a split microsecond and goes back to the 3:28:000 mark, but it also shifts the one second track slightly, and for me, being serious in getting almost every crack and crickle on a track, to try to find that one hidden crack, it is frustrating. I had no choice but to go back to the 2.1.3 version where it doesn’t do that to me.

Anyone else who has this same problem who has known how to fix this “major bug”, in my opinion, let me know. Otherwise, Audacity team, please fix this major bug for the next version you put out. Thank you.

There’s a setting to freeze the timeline in one place no matter where you’re playing. Obviously that’s good for editing because the view doesn’t keep slipping out from under you. I don’t remember where that setting is and timeline management picked up a bunch of new tools since the last time I did it.

It’s also desirable for recording and playback to be different because you want the timeline to keep updating during record.

Here it is. Transport > Transport Options > Pinned.


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Audacity provides multiple ways to quickly zoom in and out. (see: Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual and Navigating and identifying audio for editing - Audacity Manual).

With a little practice it should be easy and convenient to zoom out to a reasonable level for playing, and zoom in as necessary for precise editing. My preferred way of zooming is with “Ctrl + Mouse wheel”. Some users prefer to use keyboard shortcuts or the zoom buttons.

Or just click on the little playhead icon at the left of the Timeline.

See this page in tne Audacity Manual: Timeline - Audacity Manual