Track repeats when played????


V 2.0.5, .exe installer, Win7

I searched before posting. I am using Audacity to make a cell ringtone alert using a piece of a song. I edit the song down the the clip I want, then copy and paste to create two clips end to end. When I play it back in Audacity, it works as intended, but when I play it back in Windows, it repeats over and over again. I’m stumped as to why? It’s like there is no end to the clip.

Any help would be appreciated.

How are you playing it in Windows? Perhaps you shouldn’t loop play it?

Or did you export the whole track instead of exporting the selection?


Hi Gale;

I am bringing the entire song into Audacity in WAV format. I then chop it down to the portion I want by selecting and “cutting” it away. I then copy & paste that portion to make it play twice. I then join the segments. I then export it and save it as a WAV file. I play it like I play any other file in Windows Media Player; by double clicking it. It repeats 6-7 times before I even see the “progress handle” (or whatever you call it) come into view. It keeps right on playing like it is a loop. It plays as I want it to in Audacity. I’ve looked for utilities to make some sort of hard break or whatever at the end, but have not seen anything. See screen shot attached if that will help.



I must humbly apologize for wasting the forum’s time. I have discovered that I must have inadvertently hit the loop button on the media player. Frankly, I have never used it before, did not know what that button was, and have no idea how it got activated.

Sorry for being a dork! Please feel free to delete the whole mess if you like! :unamused:

If it’s Windows Media Player in recent Windows, hold ALT, click the Play menu and uncheck “Repeat”. :slight_smile: