Track recording problem

Hello… I am attempting to record my musical set using music from my mac pro/Serato sl2… two numark 800 cd players and a numark dxm series 24bit mixer. I purchased a cord ( I don’t know the technical name of it) that allows me to connect from my mixer’s recording input to my Dell pc’s line in input. I am successfully recording, however, the recording only plays sound through the right side of everything( home stereo, car stereo, pc speakers). I noticed that there are two boxes on my audacity screen that I assume are for showing the recording in progress…but only one is showing activity during my session. Please help.

The cable looked something like this…

That’s normal so far, but you parted with reality when you said “Dell pc’s line in input.”

Is your Dell a laptop? Does it actually have a stereo Line-In, or are you assuming that? Does it say Mic-In or have the picture of a microphone? This is where you start to get compulsive about information. Model numbers? Details?

Your symptoms are completely typical of trying to use a Windows Laptop to record stereo music. Except your channels are reversed, but we can deal with that later.


Thanks for responding Koz…Yes my line looks exactly like that… I have a dell stationary computer (not laptop) and the input connection in the rear of that computer has a mic/speaker photo on it…thats the insert I connected to…there is a solid speaker connection insert next to it…I am not using it…the computer is a dell optiplex 745 intel core 2 duo operating system windows xp… thanks.

If you’re not using the Speaker Out connection, how are you listening to music? Koz

Yo Koz… I’m not very computer literate (quite frankly) on a lot of these matters I get advise from my kid… I do in fact have computer speakers hooked up to/running from the speaker plug in/inlet/input slot on the rear on this computer/ next to the speaker/mic slot where the record line from my mixer is attached.