track names do not appear in Itunes

Hi. I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity was installed from the .exe installer.
I have looked on the forums but can’t see an answer to my problem, so apologies if it has already been discussed.

I’m currently trying to copy my old cassette tapes (Kate Bush etc.) with a view to putting them on Itunes and then transfer to my Ipod . Having inserted the track labels using Ctrl B and exporting the file as MP3, when I import from Itunes the album plays OK but the track names are not listed. I also read somewhere that exporting as a Wav file would correct this problem, and tried this but still no joy. Being new to Audacity I’m not sure if this is possible or I’m doing something wrong somewhere. Any help appreciated.

You are probably missing the “Export Multiple” step.
See here for a walk-through:

Thanks Steve. I think I have already tried the Export Multiple route with no joy, but I’ll try again and post the result.