Track Names Change When A Track Is Deleted

When mixing down a multitrack recording, I number my tracks 1-18 top to bottom, but if delete a track, the numbers representing the tracks change. Any way to prevent this?

What version of Audacity and Windows? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

Are you doing Export Multiple and splitting files based on tracks? The name of the tracks determines the exported file names. You can name the tracks as you wish (including a chosen number if you wish) by clicking in the track name to left of the blue waves.

When you export, the Track Title in “Edit Metadata” will then take its name from whatever track names you chose. The Track Number in the metadata is determined automatically by the number of available tracks, but you can change the Track Number of any tracks to what you wish in the “Edit Metadata” window.

If you don’t see Edit Metadata when you export, turn it on in Import / Export Preferences.