track name overwritten with words from speech audio

all my track names for my speech tracks have changed and they have taken on the first word or two from the actual speech in each track.

I have had to rename them all over again.

Is this an option that can be turned off, I have installed 2.0.3 when the file with those tracks was created in 1.9 so its something that 2.0.3 has done to it.

Unless this can be turned off, and I would prefer it please to be off by default, as who wants to have their track names lost, its going to mess up all my files.

same for anyone else I would imagine.

Not good :frowning:

Also the space for the name is very small, you can type a name but only see part of it. can this be changed ? Its a real pain.


I’ve no idea how you did that. Are you “The” Merlin? :stuck_out_tongue:
Assuming that you didn’t accomplish that with magic, can you provide any additional information about the history of this project - how and when it was created, what happened to it between then and now, anything else that you can think of.

There was no Audacity 1.9.
The “1.x” series went up to 1.2.6, then there was the “1.3.x beta” series that went up to 1.3.14, and now there is the 2.x series.

Ah, I think I can help with that one :slight_smile:
Go to “Edit menu > Preferences > Interface” and enable “Show track name in waveform display”.

Did you export multiple by labels (that have the speech words) instead of by tracks?

If that isn’t anything to do with it and the file in question is an AUP, can you attach the AUP file - Please see here for how to attach files: .


looking at my folders of audacity progs I install from, I see 1.3.12 and not 1.9 so it was created in that version.

I had been sent a sound recording that I was to turn into different voices by altering pitch etc etc. Having opened my main project, lets call it project 1, I opened the voice recording in a second instance of audacity, project2, highlighted the speech for person1 and copy pasted that out to a new stereo track created within project2 , adjusted the sound, then copy pasted that across to a new stereo track in project 1. named it person 1.

repeated the method for the other 5 or so persons.

moved the recordings on the timeline and happy with the project1 saved and closed it.

Installed Audacity 2.0.3 and opened the project1 only to see the names had been replaced by the first word or two from the actual track !

The file features many many tracks and is not something I would wish to contemplate transferring.

All I know is it definitely replaced the names of people with actual words from the start of their speech tracks.

Merlin lll

I can’t think of any obvious reason why this has happened, but there is one option that we can rule out immediately. Audacity does not understand speech. There is no way that Audacity can get a track name from the audio data. This does not tell us much, but it does tell us that Audacity must be getting the names “from somewhere else”.

Are you able to open the original “project 1” in Audacity 2.0.3?
Do the original track names relate to the words in the tracks?
Are there any label tracks? If there are, do any of the words appear in labels?
Look in “File > Metadata Editor”. Do any of the track words appear in there?

Are you able to reproduce this weird phenomena by copying just one voice recording to a new project?
Are you able to reproduce this phenomena at all?

As requested before: