Track muted

I wanted to record a voice on a new track and all the other tracks stayed like that, now nothing can be heard. I have been looking for ways to fix it but nothing has come of it. Help please, it’s an emergency :frowning:
here’s de picture:

I am not sure what you are asking. :confused:

(1) If you are using the mute and solo buttons while working with multiple tracks, you may wish to change the option Edit > Preferences > Tracks Behaviors > Solo Button to Multi-track.

(2) If Record (R) does not work properly for you, try Shift-Record (Shift-R). This is reversible by Edit > Preferences > Recording > Record on a new track.

Sorry for my english ;(, the problem is that all the tracks just went transformed into a horizontal line, so when I play the tracks nothing sounds, and the “mute” option its not even activated. It just went from normal tracks with sound to that horizontal line with no sound.

So it looks as though your project has been damaged. It is time to revert to your backup file.