track menu all grayed out on Quick-play enabled

How can one get out of a mode one fell into and can’t get out of? Occasionally I find myself stymied by a mode I cannot find an escape for. Nothing works, not even closing after a good night’s work. I could close without saving, but I lose all the work for that period. Isn’t there a command or a button to return the program to its pristine state?
I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 on a 64 bit Dell Inspiron 7000 series

What exactly is happening in this “mode”? Is the track playing forward/backwards when you move your mouse? If so, then you have stumbled into “scrubbing”. To get out of it, try clicking the Stop button.

Info about scrubbing (and “seeking”) in the manual:
Note that will be a lot of changes to scrub and seek in the next version of Audacity (in an attempt to make it more user friendly), so when the next version comes out it will be worth looking in the manual to see how it has changed.

Info about Quick Play here: