Track listings

Hi Guys I’m new to Audacity so please bare with me.
I’m sure my problem will have been covered somewhwere in this forum but I’m not sure what it will be listed under!
I can record OK, save and export etc. OK But how do I separate the tracks and give them all individual titles which will show on the CD player?

I trust you meant “bear with me”.

You can multiple export to different file names as per Audacity Manual .

See also Audacity Manual .

CD players will not recognise the names of the burnt WAV files in their display window. If your CD burning software and CD player support it, you can add CD-Text when you burn. See CD-Text - Wikipedia .


Oops sorry for the typo.
I will have 8 old cassettes to transfer for the retired drummer of a 60’s pop group, the tapes were recorded live on the club circuit of that era I believe, I was asked to get involved because I used to be a sound recordist for a film company, but that was many years ago and using a 16-12-8-4-2 analogue mixing desk, not Audacity, So I’m thinking a straight cassette to CD copy will be my easiest option.
Many thanks for your input anyway.

You can’t do that directly with a standard computer CD burner, though.

Do you have hardware that burns cassettes direct to CD?