Track Lables

I am new so if I am in the wrong place I am sorry! I transferred a tape from tape deck to my computer and labeled them 01. and the name of song.Then I tried to export multiple then I picked MP3 that didn’t work? choose split files by Labels ,numbering before name/track then hit export. Everything is fine till I get to #4 it is labeled untitled when I rename it it makes all the rest wrong!!!

Is there anything “different” about the title for song #4?

Maybe just try the number as the label and re-name the file later?

I don’t bother with any of that… I select/highlight one song at a time and then Export Selection to export one song at a time. (Sometimes I’ll select a little extra and re-import the songs one at time later for trimming.) I use MP3tag to add the metadata after the files are created.

Thank you for responding.
The 1st and 10th have the same name with # 10 adding (Reprise) to it and #4 Is I Still Believe in Santa Claus so just a normal title!
If I do them one at a time how would I burn them to a CD?