Track Labels

Using Audacity 2.0.0

In preparing music CDs, there are 2 audio (Stereo) tracks. I can add a track label with the titles of the songs. How can I add a label with the artist’s (singer’s) name that will be recognized as such by my CD player?

That version is very old now. I recommend updating to 2.1.1 from

You have to use CD-Text for that.


Well, duh!! I did download version 2.1.1. But then I discovered I just hadn’t gone far enough. When “Exporting Multiple” to the memory card for use in my car, I found that I have the opportunity at that point to put in the artists’ names.

You can add metadata in the “Edit Metadata Tags” dialogue, but that metadata will not show up in the CD player, which is what you asked.


I’ve been editing/adding metadata for a while now and I thought that is what is showing up on my Alpine car stereo. Occasionally I’ll get a “not supported” message but I figured that was because they were unusual characters I copied and pasted in the label markers.

Isn’t that what metadata is for? So the player can display the name, track title etc.?

For audio “files”, yes, but a standard “audio CD” does not have metadata. “CD Text” is an extension of the original audio CD format and is intended to address this limitation of the original “red book” standard.