Track labels

We are using Audacity 2 to record talking newspapers for blind listeners and insert labels - ADD LABEL AT PLAYBACK POSITION - to split recordings into smaller chunks for listeners’ convenience. Using the keyboard it appears to insert the first label correctly but not subsequent ones. Clicking TRACKS - ADD LABEL AT PLAYBACK POSITION works perfectly every time. This is much less convenient as we insert the labels on the fly. The problem seems to occur using both XP and Win 7. Any suggestions will be most welcome.

Which keyboard shortcut are you using?
Have you customised the keyboard shortcuts?

We reset the keyboard so that L represents Add Label at Playback Position.

After adding a label, ensure that you press the Return (Enter) key so as to close the label text, otherwise when you next press the L key it will simply add an “L” to the label text.

Thanks Steve, simple when you know how!