Track Labeling

I know how to import multiple files into a project, align them end to end, and then mix them into one track. Is it also possible to mix all the tracks imported from files in such a way that the names of each of the imported files may be automatically put in labels at the beginning of each of the mixed tracks?

I think it’s “possible”, but it would not be easy. Why would you want to do that?

FYI - If you export as one-big “mix” MP3 (or other audio format) the track names will be lost.

Typically, labels are used the other way around… For example, you digitize one side of a vinyl record or cassette tape, label the tracks, then export as individual song-files.

I need to import tracks from multiple files into a project, align and mix all of them into one track, modify that one track, and then export all the mixed tracks back into individual files with the same names as the original files.

Why do you need to mix them into one track rather than working on a multi-track project?
If you just miss out the mixdown step, then you can “Export Multiple” based on tracks and use the track names.

One big track is easier to edit (such as by mixing it with yet another track or doing some other modifications) than manually editing each separate track.

Probably the easiest thing will be to manually label each track after you have aligned them end to end. I guess that’s what you are doing now.

Since there are many files, is there a way to put labels at the beginning of the aligned tracks automatically and then mix then into one track?

After you have aligned the tracks end to end, press “Ctrl + A” (Select All), then run this code in the Nyquist Prompt effect

;version 4

;; Unique symbol for *scratch* property.
(setf id 'track-labels_2019-05-09_23:17:39)

(defun new-label ()
  (list (get '*track* 'start-time)
        (get '*track* 'name)))

(defun add-label (labels)
  (push (new-label) labels))

(if (get '*scratch* id)
    (let ((labels (get '*scratch* id)))
      (putprop '*scratch* (add-label labels) id))
    (putprop '*scratch* (add-label ()) id))

(if (= (get '*track* 'index)(length (get '*selection* 'tracks)))
    (let ((labels (get '*scratch* id)))
      (remprop '*scratch* id)

Thank you for the code. Nyquist Prompt is not displayed under Effects, even though it is enabled in the settings of the program. Do you know where I can find it?

In Audacity 2.3.1, the Nyquist Prompt is in the “Tools” menu:

Thank you. I have been able to find it. It was under Effects in the older version of the program.