Track label numbering offset

I have just used Audacity 2.1.2(exe install) for the first time to transcribe a tape (2 sides). My question relates to offsetting numbering filenames/track #'s as asked here(old posts):

I added label names to each track for the first side (4 files/tracks in this case). For the second side - a separate recording session - I wanted to have the numbering start with 5, both in the meta-tag “#” and in the file name prefix. Using “Export multiple” for the first four, and selecting the “Numbering before label/track name,” I got what I wanted; four files with 01-, 02 -, etc. as the filename prefix and 1,2,3… as the corresponding # tags.

When I did the second batch, I did manually edit the metatag # field for each file as it came up (using,5,6, … respectively). This resulted in the correct # tags in the output files, but the filename prefixes still started at 01.

I read one response with the workaround of manually typing the offset file number prefixes directly into the label text, and then use the straight “use label/track name” option. another suggestion is to acquire both sides as one recording session(possible; not always desirable or practical) Since I already found that I can edit the # tag fields, I could do the same for the label fields, but…

  1. Does the option exist now to have the filename numeric prefixes - assigned when using “Numbering before label/track name” - to be the same as the assigned track # tag? This would at least not require entering the same info twice.
    2.Does the option exist now to specify an offset/start# mechanism (as some have requested) so that sequential tag #'s are automatically generated using the spec’d offset/start#?
  2. If so, I would hope that any filename numeric prefix would match the tag (or at least be an option), since I can’t think of a case where it would be useful (to me) to have these differ.


The features are described in Export Multiple - Audacity Manual. There are no hidden options you cannot see.

So no, those are “feature requests”.