Track label numbering offset

When using Export Multiple to create several tracks from one (each side of an LP), is it possible to specify an offset for the number that is allocated to each label? I cannot see any way to specify a starting number for either the labels, or for the numbers applied to the tracks when they are actually written when using ‘Export Multiple’. It seems such a simple thing, but it is a bit irritating: when you have edited one wave file (for an LP side), and you then do the second, all of the track numbers are duplicated.

You could enter the numbers that you require in the actual labels, then when you Export Multiple select the option to “Use Label/Track Name”.

Thanks for the reply Steve. Yes, I could do that, but I still have to alter each track number at ‘write’ time - it seems such a simple thing.

Sorry, I don’t quite follow. Could you describe your current work flow, including when, how and what text you put into the labels.

I’m sorry for not making myself clear; I guess that is partly because I am not quite clear about what Audacity provides, and I am just beginning to realise that I may be looking for an enhancement. As I said earlier, when digitising LPs, from 1 track per side, and when one side has been edited into its constituent tracks, it would be so convenient if the numbering used for side 2 could be offset, or incremented, by the number of tracks from the first side.

I now think that adding to the options in the metadata editor that can be called when ‘Export Multiple’ is used (to FLAC say) is what would help. Either a new panel, or additions to the first panel to be displayed, for each Export Multiple, containing a simple two digit number box to specify the offset/increment used for the start of the track count (which would of course be equal to the number of tracks in side 1). In this panel one could also specify album-wide information such as Album Title, Album Artist, Date and Genre. I have not been programming for some years, but this does not seem to be a great deal of work, and, to me at least, it would make the metadata handling much neater.

I am now assuming, of course, that the number that can be used in the track title comes from the metadata that has been specified. I had earlier thought it came directly from an internal count of the ‘labels’ specified, which, if true, would complicate things a little. I would be interested in any comments, and, if I am correct in thinking that I cannot do any of this currently, I may add this to the suggestions section of the forum to see if anyone else agrees.

If you are using one of the numbering options in Export Multiple, the numbering always starts at 1 counts up.

What you could do so as to save renumbering would be to record side 1, then pause, turn the record over and record side 2.
If you prefer to use “Stop” rather than “Pause”, you can use shift+R to continue the recording on the same Audacity audio track.

Alternatively you could record side 1 and export it as 1 WAV file, then record side 2 as a new project, then import side 1 into the project as a separate track and use the Time Shift tool to move side 2 so that it starts after side 1 Audacity Manual

With either method, add labels to the entire project (both sides) and export multiple.

Alternatively, when you record side 2, you could enter the track numbers as label text Audacity Manual
Then when you export multiple, select the option “Name Files using label/track names” and the text that you entered for each label will be used as the file name.

Apologies for the delay - I had to go away unexpectedly for a few days.

I should perhaps have said that I only use Audacity for editing wave files, and not for the recording of them. I guess though that I could bring in both wave files, but I was trying to avoid things becoming a trifle unwieldy; especially if one is recording a double album (as I have just done).

Continuing from your second suggestion, I suppose I could Open the Side 1 wave file (thus creating a new project, yes?), and then import Side 2 after it (and in my current case followed by Sides 3 & 4 - um… I have only got an i3-2120 with 4GB!). Then all tracks will number correctly when Export Multiple is used, and I can optionally use the Metadata editor during the export.

Guess I will have to try it when I get a chance…

Whatever the case, many thanks for your help Steve.