Track is too Fast

I got a Super USB Cassette Capture device. Audacity was the software that came recommended with it. I grabbed a random tape, pushed a few buttons, and recorded my first track with no problems. I saved it as a stand alone project since I wasn’t ready to dive into splitting tracks and such. Closed and relaunched. Ready for the second track and now it plays like Minnie Mouse is singing. I tried a different spot on the tape and also a different tape and had the same problem. I’ve looked around and tried adjusting the Hertz and a few other things recommended but it didn’t help. I’m hoping it is something simple with a combination of me not knowing what I’m doing. I’ve got a mountain of tapes I want to convert to MP3s to listen on my iPod since I no longer have a working tape deck (other than this USB device I just got.)

I am using 2.0.3. Initially I used a CD to install an older version. That’s the one I was able to make one good recording in. Then it switched to Minnie Mouse. So I upgraded to 2.0.3. Restarted the computer. Got Minnie Mouse right away.

Can you hear the tape while you are playing/recording it? Does it sound “Minnie Mouse” while you are playing/recording the tape?

Yes, I can hear it and yes it sounds Minnie Mouseish.
Once when I was changing some settings according to similar posts I had read, I couldn’t hear it but I could see the lines going by very fast so I assume it was the same.

If the sound is too fast during the recording, then the problem has nothing to do with settings on the computer. Most probably the tape is slipping through the capstan/pinch wheel inside the cassette player. ( That could be caused by a build up of dust from an old tape on the capstan and pinch roller, or it could be a fault with the player. If caused by a build up of dust, it will require cleaning. There are a variety of cleaning kits that are commercially available from less than $10. If the player was new and you suspect that it is a fault rather than just due to dust you may need to claim on the warranty.