Track in Audacity Jumps while cam is on

I have just upgraded my audacity and the first thing i noticed is the track in it jumps when my HD laptop cam is turned on.

I am using a windows 7 64 bit laptop. Pls help.

What does “jump” mean? Is that something bad? :smiley: Is the sound “jumping”, or the display?

And, what’s Audacity doing when this happens? Are you recording?

The camera could be messing-up a driver setting, or it could just be hogging the CPU/data bus.

Audio & video can be very demanding. Especially HD video. Audio at standard sample-rates isn’t really that demanding, but if another application or driver takes-over the CPU or data bus for a few-milliseconds too-long, the audio buffers can underflow (playback) or overflow (recording), the digital audio-stream stops flowing, and you get a glitch.

it is something negative :smiley: . When recording with my cam turned on, there are times wherein the track in audacity gets slower for a few milliseconds. It is frustrating.