Track Height Zooming Toggle

Very often, while editing a track, I need to zoom it vertically to full window height to best see editing details and then to switch its height back to previous user established height when done. Then go to another track and do the same, zoom track height to full window height, edit, then back to previous height. This toggle mechanism does not exist, there is only dragging track height to full window height then clicking on the bottom little arrow to minimize track vertically, which is not showing it enough to keep comparing its shape to other tracks loaded. It would be very interesting to have that toggle effect between max height and user established height. That toggle mechanism already exist for the horizontal zooming on the selection and, as I said, would be very appreciated on the vertical zooming as well.

What’s wrong with dragging the track to whatever size you want it?

If there was a “toggle button” or “toggle menu command”, then it would need to be a three way toggle, otherwise we lose the current expand/collapse feature (which I find very useful when working on large multi-track projects).

Also, you would first need to move focus to the track that you want to alter (so that the toggle switch knows which track to act on, and then operate the toggle. I doubt that this would be more ergonomically efficient than just dragging the the bottom of the track.

Nothing wrong with the dragging capability. The problem is the lack of toggle between dragged desired height and return to original size. Let’s say you have ten tracks in the project, each already dragged to useful size in order to be able to view enough of the various graphics of the tracks to see what you want to target as far as editing is concerned. Then you spot one of the track which needs editing correction. You want for a sjort while to have that track occupy the full height of the window, like a vertical zoom, then do your editing, then toggle back to previous size to again see all your tracks the way you set them before this rapid editing.
So you would not have to select that track for toggling it back, as it would already be the only track occupying the zoomed area, and it would already be the selected track to be toggled back.
As a matter of fact. I am just talking about a simple vertical zoom, comparable to the horizontal one which exist and expand the current selection to full width of the window.
Hope I was clear.