Track has almost no lead-in time

Audacity 2.2.2 - Windows XP

MP3 stereo track has almost zero lead-in time, i.e. too little silence at start.

How do I extend that silence by a few seconds? Thanks.

Find an MP3 editor, or an editor that doesn’t try to take the MP3 apart like Audacity does. Most of them will let you cut and do simple actions.

Quick search. The phrase that pays is: “Without Re-encoding” in the description.

You can do it in Audacity, but when you’re done, Audacity will make a whole new MP3 with half the sound quality of what you went in with.

Never do sound production in MP3.


  1. Import the track
  2. Click on the track so that it is selected (the panel on the left end of the track is highlighted)
  3. Click the “<<” (back to start) button.
  4. “Generate menu > Silence”
  5. Generate the required length of silence.
  6. From the “File” menu, find the “Export” or “Export Audio” command (I don’t recall exactly what it is called in that old version of Audacity).

Thanks so much - easy when you know how. You guys and your product are awesome !!