Track gain: Reset to 0dB not working

If I want to reset track’s gain, I can double-click on slider, type 0 and press Enter. But it seems that Ctrl+Left click on slider does the same. I would like to reset gain in this way, because it seems to be more simple. But the problem is that the gain is not reset to 0dB, gain is set to +1dB. I hope this is not by design and that this is only a bug. So please would it be possible to reset track’s gain to zero?

Thank you for taking into consideration.

I works for me (Audacity 2.3.3).

I have the same problem on 4 different PC. 4 different users reported it…
So what can cause this error for us?

Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
Audacity version: 2.3.3 + tested in 2.4.1