Track Editing - Background Noise and Volume

Hi Guys,

I am new to Audacity and track editing,

I have a track with background noise and of which the average volume is also too soft.

I’ve tried the “amplify” effect, to increase the volume, and used the “noise reduction” effect to get rid of the background noise.

The result is a very “thin” sound, not a “full” sound, needs some bass, etc.

Any ideas will be appreciated …

There is such a thing as having a track so bad the tools can’t bring it back. Corrections are not open-ended. Sometimes audiobook readers run into this, their track is so bad they have to read it again.

Select a ten second chunk of the noisy track before you do anything to it and post it here.

Which three-number version of Audaicty are you using?

Noise Reduction needs that Profile or Sample at the beginning and if the performance is so noisy you can’t find a good sample, you could be there for a very long time and never have it work right.