Track Dropdown Menu Column-Width

I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t seem to locate where to adjust the width of the track dropdown menu/toolbar. Is there any way to adjust that column’s width?

To clarify, I am talking about the left column of each track which provides options for changing the track name, solo/mute, gain, etc. The height of that section is controlled by the height of each track, but I have found 3 separate issues that would be resolved simply by changing that column’s width, if that’s possible.

First and foremost, only the first several characters of the track’s name are ever visible at the default width, which makes displaying that information completely useless in many scenarios. For example, when working with multiple tracks related to a single artist, podcast, album, event, etc., the visible portion of the name may be identical on every track.

Second, when using Audacity on a widescreen or high-res monitor, that column appears absurdly small, using maybe only 1% of the available screen in some cases. The third issue is effectively the opposite of the second: When using a more standard monitor, there appears to be no way to collapse that column so it’s mostly out of the way, which would free-up additional workspace for large projects or when that column is simply not needed.

Thanks in advance for any help that is available.

Sorry there is no facility for changing the width of that.

And BTW that ting is called the Track Control Panel (or TCP) in Audacity-speak

The best way to see long track names is to have them overlaid on the track

Go to Tracks Preferences and turn “on” Show track name as overlay

See: Tracks Preferences - Audacity Manual


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