track doesnt save at correct time when exporting the track

2.2.0 win 10

The chorus of my song repeats, however i only sang it once. thus i made a new track, copied the chorus from my previous track, and pasted it to where i need it repeated on the new track.

I then exported that new track so i can send it to my mixing guy to mix it on his DAW. however, when its exported, the vocals on the track does not start at the time in the song where i want it to. Rather, the vocals start right at the beginning of the track, thus timing is all off!

how do i fix so when i export any individual track, the timing is not off like this??

note: on all my other tracks where i did not do any copying and pasting (just original recordings), there is a horizontal line that goes across the entire track, however with this newly created track where i copied and pasted vocals from another track, there is no horizontal line. this should explain why when exporting this track, the vocals get shifted to the beginning of the song. but how to prevent this shift and maintain the timing? help!

Adding a little bit of silence to the start of all the tracks is a workaround.
Select all tracks, (“Ctrl”+“A”), move cursor to the start, (“J”), then generate, say, 0.1 seconds of silence.
Then when you export the individual tracks, silence will be added to maintain the timing.