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This is my very first post and my very first use of Audacity. I have used other programs on my old PC, but I have moved to a Mac and now hope to use Audacity.

My main use of the software will be to simply transfer my old commercial LPs and cassettes/minidiscs onto CD. With my old program (MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab) the software had automatic track division, based on silence between tracks, built in. It was not perfect, but I could amend or add/delete track dividers as part of the editing process. This made life a lot easier! I have searched for this feature in Audacity, but I have not found the answer. Does such a feature exists in Audacity or is there a plug-in?

I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

No, but there are Sound Finder and Silence finder tools available from the Analyze menu - see:

One of the developers has been working on an Album Track Marker - but it’s hard to avoid false positives in quiet passages (especially in classical music).

This workflow tutorial should prove useful to you:
In particular look at the note titles “Advanced labeling techniques”

It’s part of this set:


Many thanks - very grateful for your advice. I will study the guidelines carefully.