Track distorted when converted to WAV

Some time ago I successfully recorded several tracks and converted them to wav for a CD. Recently I returned to Audacity and recorded some more but on conversion there were distortions especially in the high notes.
I’ve been able to extract a small portion of the Audacity track, and I would post it if it would be helpful, but I can’t see how to paste it into the message.
I’m no expert and my method is as follows.
I’m using Windows 10.
I download and record a backing track, transfer it to my phone and play it through a Cube Street amp and record with a Condensing mic.
Then I play the Audacity recording into my Earphones and sing over it while recording the second track. I then adjust the volumes a bit and Normalise it.
That worked fine for me before but now I’m getting this distortion in the wav track.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Perhaps you can simply the steps you take in order to recreate the problem.

Your procedure is confusing…

Are you re-recording the backing track with a microphone? Why?

If you are mixing in Audacity the mix might clip (distort) because mixing is done by summation. If you use Tracks → Mix → Mix and Render (or Mix and Render to New Track) the mix may “show red” for potential clipping but it’s not clipped yet and you can Amplify or Normalize to reduce the level before exporting and the exported file won’t be clipped.

When I sing I listen to the recorded Audacity backing track with my Headphones plugged into the computer. Having the phones plugged in mutes the track so there’s no overlap.
I should perhaps have made clear that I sing into a dynamic mic through the Cube and record with the same condensing mic connected to the computer.
This way I get two separate tracks and can adjust the volumes.
Sorry if I didn’t make things clear.

Why do I feel things are even less clear :question:

I don’t know jademan but clearly they aren’t. Perhaps someone can tell me how I should do it.
Though I will try once more. I record a backing track on Audacity and then I open another track and record myself singing while listening to the first track with my Headphones which mutes the sound so the recording mic only picks up me singing.
I’m pleased with the result but when I convert it to wav to put it on a CD or Memory stick it doesn’t sound like the Audacity recording and I can’t afford it getting any worse!

I am sorry, I can’t help you. - Which is what I should have said earlier.

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