Track breaks

When I copy vinyl LP to pc and burn to cd, will the system automatically give me separate tracks to select which one to play or must I manually stop and start the copying between LP tracks.



To make separate tracks, you can record one side of the record, pause, turn over the record and un-pause to complete the recording so that you have the entire album as one continuous track. You will then probably want to delete the rubbish at the start, end, and the “turn over” point. You may also want to process the track to reduce clicks and crackles.

Then, when you are happy with the recording, add labels for each track, and export the tracks using “Export Multiple” so that you have separate WAV files for each song.
Your CD burning software will then allow you to compile the audio files into one CD, with one CD track for each file.

The entire process is covered by these tutorials: Audacity Manual

Thanks Steve - only hope it is as simple as you indicate!