Track Breaks

How about adding the capability to add track breaks in particular after copying a CD. Roxio has this capability but it would be nice to have it in Audacity so that I don’t have to transfer the data to Roxio to accomplish this.

Mark Shull

Audacity can split a recording into separate tracks then you can use File > Export Multiple to export a separate file for each track.

Are you asking that Audacity can write Cue Sheets so you can export as one file and have the cue sheet set the track positions?


WhaI I am asking is not to be able to separate each song into its own file. I want to add track breaks so that when a CD is burned, each song may be selected to play on any CD player. On my CD player I have a button for next track or previous track which allows me to select the song I want to play.

Mark Shull

If you don’t want to break the recording into individual “songs” (which is the normal Audacity approach) you will need to use “Cue Sheets”. This page in the Audacity Wiki explains the process:

Personally, I find individual song method much easier :sunglasses: