Track background changed colour

Hey everyone i am new here with version 2.1.3 exe installer on win7

Everything is fine except for a change that occurred unexpectedly (i had difficulty attaching photo due to very poor internet speeds) i don’t know how or how to change it back to normal but now there is a grey and white background like a flag (of 2 grey stripes with a white center) on the track i think the normal is supposed to be all white to make for easier contrast difference for better zoomed in editing which anyone know what has happened? thanks

You are in Envelope Tool or Multi Tool. Press F1 on your computer keyboard to go back to Selection Tool.


Thank you F1 worked, may I ask you what are the differences between the various tools?

Zoom Tool
Time Shift Tool
Envelope Tool
Multi Tool
Selection Tool
Draw Tool

I noticed these tools are not displayed in any of the menus

See here: