Track at once (TAO) pops in between tracks removal

Hi there,

I have an album in the form of several wav tracks which produce tiny pops/clicks in between if played consecutively. Merging it into one large file doesn’t help. Can these clicks be removed in any way? Any suggestions are welcome

(the cd isn’t in my possession)

Thank you

It’s probably [u]DC Offset[/u]. That link shows one possible way to fix it.

Or since “DC” is zero Hz, a high-pass filter at about 20Hz will remove it, but it might leave a click at the beginning.

A fade-in and fade-out should also fix it no matter the cause, since you can fade to-from complete silence. They can be short fades of 100ms or so if you don’t want to hear the fades.

To make “gapless” audio CDs, use DAO mode and ensure that the source files are WAV, not MP3.

Apply a short crossfade. See:
(Particularly the “Example of using the effect to repair a glitch”)