Track Alignment

I am using version 2.2.2 and my operating system is Windows 8. I am very much a newbie at this and appparently an unskilled one.

I am trying to import and align a track into a song. the song is an MP3 and I’m playing the track I want to “layer” onto it on an electric keyboard. I’m putting that recording on a thumb drive then importing it into the song. So far so good …
I’ve been unable to find a way to align the track I’m importing to the song. I’ve tried the ‘snap’ commands, the ‘align track’ commands and the ‘time shift’ tool. Time shift seems like the best option but when I try to move the track I’m importing, the other track moves as well. Can’t seem to get them to be independent. Please help …

Marion Roquemore

When you select multiple tracks they move together with the time-shift tool.
Just select the track you want to move …

As Trebor says …

and make sure that Sync-Lock is turned off (Default setting) in the Tracks menu.


Thank you so much. VERY helpful and I have them lined up. Getting the correct tack selected and Sync-lock were the issues. Thanks for helping a newbie.

By magnifying the audio tracks I find that one track is 0.128 seconds behind the other. Is there a way I can ask Audacity to sync the tracks by detecting audio, or otherwise how can I manually move one of the tracks to put them into alignment? Thank you very much. I am using windows 10 and Audacity 2.2.2.

No, not in Audacity.

Time-shift tool. The spectrum-view may be preferable to the default waveform-view when beatmatching.