Track Alignment Problem

Hello, I am trying to align tracks in audacity and the problem that I am having is that when I use the align tool to align one track to the end of the other, both tracks start moving which means that both tracks move at the sametime from one side of the timeline to the other, I was hoping that someone can tell me how to fix this

Computer : Toashbia
Windows: 10


I think maybe, possibly you have the wrong error or tool. If you got the beginning of the clips to align but not the ends and you were expecting the ends to line up, then you may need a different tool. Somebody else recently posted with a similar problem.

If your show was a linked stereo show with two different presentations on left and right, you will need to split them with the drop-down on the left > Split Stereo Track, or Split Stereo Track to Mono.


thanks boss !