Track access improvement

Good day. I have been using Audacity for almost 3 years now and I just came up with an idea to make using it easier. I produce a weekly podcast using music from my computer. The final product is assembled in Track 1. Each song to be entered is loaded in Track 2, then adjusted for volume. When it is ready to be included in Track 1, Track 2 is Selected followed by using Control-X, followed by moving the cursor to the end of Track 1, followed by using Control V to install the song into Track 1. That leaves me with a vacant Track 2.

My suggestion is to modify the software to automatically remove Track 2 after using Control-X to empty the Track. That would remove two extra steps that I need to do to remove the empty Track after the song has been moved and return the cursor to Track 1.
I hope I explained this well enough.
Thank you,
Dan Wilson…

Although that suits your specific use case, it will not suit everyone, so it would need to be optional.
Also, do you really “need” to delete the empty track? If you do, then it is just one mouse click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track.