Totla crash recovery 2.4.2 Any updated proceedures?

Using Audacity 2.4.2 and just had the worst crash I’ve ever experienced. Usually I’ll lose a track or two but in this case it’s every single track.

Error log says can’t open file and gives a location of the directory I store all my audacity files in (an external hard drive). The files are there, I can see them. Unfortunately Audacity can’t seem to see them. I’ve checked the Audacity temp folder and it’s empty! So I’m guessing Audacity can’t read the structure it needs to re-assemble the aup files.

I’ve checked the manual with no joy. Are there any updated recovery procedures for version 2.4.2 that might reclaim these irreplaceable files for me?

All the best.

None that I am aware of. :frowning: