Totally technical dummy needs help.

I have a 30 minute wav file recording that is of exceptionally poor quality. My knowledge of Audacity or any other audio programs are slightly above nil. Through fiddling about with Audacity I know what the speaker is saying, and when they are saying stuff, but I can’t begin to bring it up to a level of quality that I could expect any other listener to have an opinion of it. Here’s my problem’ its of a sensitive nature. So I don’t want to pass it on to just anybody for help. Can anyone give me a condensed simple recipe for sorting out very low mumbling vocals.
Yep I’m picking you guys brains and there’s nothing in it for you. Its potentially lifechanging for me though.
Thanks in anticipation.

Audacity is a terrible forensics program. Chances are if you’re the only one that can understand the words, they’re not real words and this isn’t going to go well.

Try the telephone filter. Effects > High Pass Filter > 300, and then Effects > Low Pass Filter > 3000.

That may help suppress hiss, noise and rumble.

You can also try Noise Reduction. For that you need to identify a portion of the performance that’s noise only, no voice. Effect > Noise Reduction > drag-select that noise portion > Profile. Then drag-select a portion of the show with voices and Effect > Noise Reduction > Settings 12, 0, 180, 0 > OK.

Noise reduction will try to remove any sounds in the profile from the show, so if there are voices in the profile, voices will go, too.

Those two are about the only tools that may help. If the reason you can’t hear the words is traffic noises or other voices, then that’s the end of the process. Nobody can pull voices out of that.


Thank you so much for your reply time and effort. I’ll give it a go
cheers Tater.