Totally New to Audacity

I am a newbie, just installed audacity 3.1.3 and want to create a recording using overdubbing. I clicked on a Youtube and the first thing I was advised to do was to turn on overdubbing using the Transport option. This option is greyed out on the version I just installed. Do I need something else. Running latest Windows 10 updates.

Can you help me get started?


[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

I am using Windows 10 and version 3.1.3 and have recorded the vocal shown in the attachment. I want to listen to this while adding chords by playing them on an autoharp through the same through the same mic that I used to record the vocals adding the chords to the existing recording of the same tracks as the vocal recording.

I can’t find a way to do this. Any help greatly appreciated.

Otrman AKA Henry

audcaity preferences, recording, play other tracks while recording.png

There will be a slight delay apparent on playback, which you can measure/correct …
[ Once measured & corrected for your hardware you don’t have to do it again ].