Totally lost

Hello, U just downloaded audacity and also just got a Samson G Track microphone. I try recording my voice and it wouldn’t playback. I messed around in audacity a bit and now I can hear the recording through my headphones that are plugged into the samson g track. First of all it sounds SUPER bad quality but I was wondering if anyone can explain to me how I can make it so when I play my recording it comes out of my laptop speakers? Thank you so much in advance!

Does this answer your question?

First of all it sounds SUPER bad quality

What’s wrong with the sound? Distorted? Noisy? Weakl? Hollow sounding? Etc?

How close are you to the microphone? The mic is directional… Are you talking (singing?) into the front of the mic? What’s the waveform signal level look like? Do you see red (indicating clipping/distortion if you have Audacity set-up to show clipping)?

The ONLY things that affect sound quality are the quality of the microphone and the quality of the sound (and intensity/loudeness) hitting the microphone. During recording, Audacity and the computer simply “capture” the digital data over the USB connection and send that data to your hard drive.

Figured it out, thank you guys!