Totally distorted recordings

Hello I am using version 2.0.6 and my operating system is Windows 7. I have not used Audacity since I had some computer upgrades. Now when I try to record from a vinyl LP, the meters are always peaking and completely distorted. In addition everything seems to be captured in mono, even though I have the setting on stereo. I have attempted to make adjustments to the speaker and microphone drop downs but nothing seems to work. Sorry I am not real computer savvy and I hope this is an easy problem someone can walk me through a fix. Sincerely, Rewind man.

Mic-In (pink) on modern Windows laptops is not a general-purpose Stereo Line-In.


It’s designed for microphones only.

To connect a stereo entertainment device to your computer, you can install an external Stereo input such as the Behringer UCA202.


If you have a straight, analog photograph, Behringer makes the UFO-202 which has a phono preamplifier built into it.


How is the turntable connected to the computer?

I’m going to guess you’ve plugged-into the mic input, maybe the mic input on a laptop. No good! The microphone input on a soundcard is too sensitive for a line-level signal, it’s no good for the non-RIAA equalized output directly from a phono cartridge, it’s usually mono, and it’s often noisy, it’s the wrong interface for any stage or studio mic and and it’s just worthless for any “serious” recording.

Does your turntable have a built-in preamp with line-level outputs? Or, do you have an older stereo with phono-in and tape (line level) out? Does it have USB?

Do you have a desktop or tower computer with a regular soundcard and line-inputs (blue-coded)?

If it is a USB turntable, see Audacity Manual.