Total Volume too Low

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to create a guitar track. The problem is that it’s rather quiet. If I boost the volume to “acceptable” levels, then large amounts of clipping occurs. I’ve been searching around and I know that a lot of people say that low volume isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the volume is far lower than anything in my music library. Is there any way to export at a higher volume or something like that? Here are sample regular and db waveforms, respectively, if they help:

Your recording level looks ideal.

See here for some thoughts about processing that you may want to apply after recording:

Hi steve, thanks for your reply.

What seems to be working right now is applying a Hard Limiter (which I understand is the same as a compressor with a max threshold), then amplifying to desired levels. The problem now is that, while little to no clipping occurs, there is a rather lot of noise around the 2200Hz range. I tried applying a low pass filter, which, while it does fix the noise issue, makes the track sound completely muddy and awful.