Top 10 Most Popular iPod Video Tools

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"I Love Apple ipods, because they are the best. I don’ t know what I can do without ipod. It goes everywhere where I go. Recently I found 10 cool iPod video tools, I want to share them with you now… (list of tools removed)

I don’t believe that you just “found” them Daniel _123 I think that you are just advertising them.

Also I think that you are being less than honest by not making it clear that these are not free products.

As well as that, is well known for spamming.

If anyone wants to take their chances with your products, then that is up to them, but I wouldn’t.

Interesting -
I’ve just scanned those files for malware and they come out positive:

CPsecure Found Downloader.W32.Keylogger.a
Ikarus Found:Downloader.Win32.WinFixer.fs

Daniel_123: It’s quite OK to recommend tools (even paid ones) but it should be done purely on a personal recommendation based on your own experience, and probably in relation to a pre-existing thread. Your post clearly is neither, and common sense suggests caution (look at the name of the URL). Generally, reference the site of the maker of the product, not a web service hosting thousands of “free” downloads who may (honourable exceptions aside) have ulterior motives. For example linking direct to the site of one of the products:

would have been OK (and tests green on McAfee SiteAdvisor)


Daniel_123, due to your repeated attempts to spam this forum, you have been permanently banned.

There is no point in you continuing your futile campaign. We know who and what you are, and we know that scum like you and your “” website are nothing more than an irritant on the internet.

Top 10 Most Popular iPod Video Tools?
But I have an ultimate ipod video tool for transferring music/ Video/photo between ipod and computer. URL REMOVED is very useful for ipod video.

Please don’t try to be clever. You have been banned, so please stop being an irritant and take your silliness somewhere else.

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