Toolbar sizes

I have installed Audacity v.2.2.2 on a Toshiba Y50-70 laptop running Linux Mint Mate.
Previously I had installed 2.2.2 on both a Sony laptop running Linux Mint Mate and a desktop PC running Win7 neither of which has any toolbar size issues.

The problem is that the top and bottom toolbars are far too small in relation to the middle (tracks) area. My 70 year old eyes find it too difficult to see the toolbars rendering the program useless.

Can you help, please?

Audacity does not yet fully support high dpi monitors.

If you have a high dpi monitor and the text is too small in the application, then possible solutions are:

  • Customize your desktop so that the fonts are bigger
  • Set the display size to a lesser horizontal x vertical size (for example if your display is set to 1920 x 1080, you could reduce it to 1600 x 900)
  • Use reading glasses (this is what I do, for the same reason)

Thanx for your reply.
In the interim I dropped the monitor to 1600x900 and while it may impact on some other programs, it is the best solution (so far).
Reading glasses have been tried however they are more a hindrance than a help in my case.

BTW, I’m having a nightmare getting Audacity to recognise my USB analogue to digital converter. This same A2D works perfectly with a Sony laptop and my Windows 7 PC. I searched the internet and I notice that I’m not the only one with microphone issues with Audacity & Lenovo


There are on-screen magnifier apps for Windows and Linux.