toolbar sizes aren't saved after I adjusted the sizes

I am new to this forum and want to ask, if this is a bug:
In the past I was able to adjust the sizes of the toolbars listed in the last entry in View. Then it was saved and when I started Audacity the next time it was like I organized it, but since some updates the sizes arent saved completely and some of them can’t be sized to full size like in the past. After the next program start, the size is increased, and some things aren’ full readable, the text is cut off.

If you need more information, let me know


We are grateful to anyone who reports possible bugs, but please tell us which version of Audacity you are reporting. See the pink panel at the top of the page for how to give us all three numbers for Audacity version.

Only the meter toolbars and Device Toolbar can be resized. On Windows 7 in 2.1.3-alpha those toolbars seem to recall size and position for me after restarting Audacity, both resizing when docked or when floated.

You could try reinstalling Audacity with Reset Preferences enabled in the installer.

If it doesn’t work for you can you please give more precise detail as to how we might reproduce the problem.


I use 2.1.2 on Windows 10 Pro.
I made some screenshots:

audacity.png → the blue highlighted toolbar is the one which is smaller after I close and open Audacity again.
01.png → before I close Audacity
02.png → after I closed Audacity and opened it again, the toobar is smaller.

I just recognized that the letter




isn’t always display right in Wasapi devices. I marked it, maybe you can correct it for future releases. Maybe there are also other similar mistakes in translation.

Thanks for the images. I can reproduce that, but only if Device Toolbar is resized wider while docked, and only if the window is maximised.

So if you float Device Toolbar by dragging its left edge, or restore down the window and resize it larger rather than maximise it, Device Toolbar seems to be restored to the previous width.

I created a bug report:

Thanks, it is not a mistake by Audacity translators because they do not translate device names. It could be a wxWidgets or Windows encoding error. Something similar has been reported in another non-English language, as I recall.