Too may lows

Posted on behalf of magnuminium, who sent me a PM:

Iv been recording my bands live shows with a TASCAM DP-004… and bringing it home to audacity for general mastering and EQ. Now I find my self a bit frustrated messing with the graphic and parametric Eq’s in Audacity. . . SO I ask you, Is there a nice quick way to cut lows, and low mids - while still keeping integrity? It seems all places i listen to the tracks (a car with subs, my friends house with pc speakers, my buddies stereo… i have to turn the bass down like crazy and mess with the treble and mids just to make it comfortable to listen… now i know i can sit here for hours and find the perfect eq - but after my first run, with my headphones and stereo im still not satisfied, and getting tired… but yah… just lookin for a cheap trick.

If it helps I can make you a sample of what i’m talking about… drop it as an MP3 sumwhere u can hear it…

your help could seriously kick ass. -the whole band on my behalf would be stoked.


I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all equalization which would suit everything from tinny earbuds to a bassy car stereo.

Could try comparing the frequency spectrum of a professional “live band” recording with your self-made recording and modifying the equalization to match.