Too many manuals! (2.4.2)

I had trouble downloading the manual, and I see now that I must have done so five times, because I have five copies of all the .html bits! Is there any way I can get rid of this excess stuff? If I uninstall Audacity, will that remove all the manual pieces also? Eleanor

MacOS 10.15.6 + MacBook Air 2020

Just drag them into the Trash. Re-installing Audacity will not get rid of them.
– Bill

It is hard to find them all! If I uninstall Audacity, that won’t also remove the manual(s)?

No, uninstalling Audacity will not get rid of the manuals you downloaded separately. Audacity doesn’t know about those manuals you downloaded.

Where did you download the manual from? All the “html bits” should be inside one folder. Just delete that folder.
– Bill