Toning down synths in songs

So I have this song I like but it has this part with these really overbearing high synths in the background, (I attached a snippet of that part). I wanted to tone these synths down a little but im not sure what to do. I tried the low-pass filter but that just made it muffled. I tried compression and normalization aswell but that didnt do much for me, (maybe im doing it wrong). Anyone know how I can tone down these synths?

The Graphic Equalizer (or Filter Curve) can be used similarly to the low pass filter but you have more control and you don’t have to completely kill the high frequencies. The highest frequencies may not be the problem, but you can experiment. IMO the Graphic Equalizer (using the “Preview”) is easier to “play with” than the Filter Curve.

Just in case you’re not familiar with equalizers, the low frequencies are on the left and the high frequencies are on the right.

If there’s just one part of the song where they synthesizer is over-bearing you can use the Envelope Tool to slightly fade-down that part of the song. The trick with the Envelope Tool is to “fade” so you don’t make sudden-distracting volume changes.

I tried compression and normalization

Normalization is simply a volume adjustment. Dynamic compression makes the loud parts quieter and/or the quiet parts louder so it could help if the synthesizer is the loudest thing in the mix, but probably not and it could make it worse…

Just compress parts of the spectrum, the synths are mostly above 3kHz …
Inevitably that It will attenuate some of the voice which occupies that range

TDR Nova.gif
The free version of TDR Nova will suffice, (no need to pay for the de-luxe version).

Harmonic notch-filter , (a/k/a de-vuvuzela), is another option, but the voice will gain a comb-effect …

The AI options may produce a better result.