Tonematch and eq curves


Two things :

1/ Audacity can compute eq curves, then we can save them at .txt format. However, if I want to apply an eq curve imported in Audacity, this eq curve must come from a .xml file. So I can’t import and use an eq curve that I created and exported myself with Audacity. Audacity import/export eq curves abilities should work with the same file format (everything in .txt or in .xml).

2/ Could we have in Audacity a tonematching function (like Ozone does) ?
-compute the reference eq curve (the eq curve of a sample we want to steal the eq),
-compute the local sample eq curve (the eq curve of a local sample we want to be eqed the same way the reference is),
-compute the matching eq curve,
-apply this matching eq curve to the local sample.
+possibility to save these three eq curves, especially the matching eq curve in the form of an impulse response.

This feature is all the more interesting as there are no efficient free software who can do this.

What do you think about that ?

There is an experimental plugin for this here:
It’s a bit awkward to use due to limitations of the plugin interface, but basically it does what you describe.

I’m +1 for there being a better (easier to use) version (may be possible in future versions of Nyquist plugins).