Hi everybody, I am happy with audacity so far.
I have just one major problem, tone, I play guitar and of course tone is important =P
Now I have recorded a bit in the past but only slightly. I know less gain is needed and bla bla bla low microphone settings. Now because my amp sucks I’m using a Boss ME-50 recorded through the line out into the computer. Now I have a very nice vintage DiMarzio umbucker which sounds wonderful even through my shitty amp. But sudden;y through audacity it sounds like hell. It usually has sort of a warm low prescence type of vibe to it but with audacity no matter how much I turn the gain, fiddle with effects it sounds edgy and fuzzy. no background noise just the guitar. What to do?? =(

The ME-50 Guitar Multiple Effects is a floor-based multi-effects processor built with the ruggedness and simplicity of a stompbox. Designed to work with your amplifier, the ME-50 focuses on killer multi-effects (like COSM® overdrive and distortion) rather than amp modeling.

Guitar amps (and cabs) have a substantial effect on the tone of a guitar. While the signal coming out of the Boss may sound great through your guitar amp, the sound from the guitar amp is probably very different to the signal going in. As the advert says, they are designed to work together.

Have you tried playing your recording through your guitar amp?

Personally I much prefer to record guitar amps with a microphone rather than DI (even with expensive amp modeling effects).

Ah yes, see I have been using the same SS 20W samick amp since the day I first got the guitar. I had the idea to buy a better amp once and I came out of the store with a Dean MAB1 in my hands, but no amp. See after about 3 years of wear and tear falling moving etc. The headphones out bit is a bit…em…fucked, analy. And since you can imagine how incapable I am of buying a new amp it means I still don’t have a good mic =(
I’m only 14, it’s hard to make money cause where I live cheap labour is…very cheap, so I can’t do odd jobs. So far all my income is based on having simple birthday parties and only askin for many and doing odd gigs =(
But thanks for taking the time =D
Atm, I’m saving for either a randall half-stack, or a large roland or a large Kustom

I’ve used both of these budget microphones for recording guitar amps (also used for live use).
The first is a vocal mic (primarily designed for live vocals). They both do an admirable job recording guitar amps (though I’ve not tried them with really loud amps).

(the mb75 is very much like a well known mic with a similar name.)

These microphones

are also dirt cheap. Just treat it gently. I’ve used them, and they’re not bad.

– Bill

Good Lord!
SM 57 & 58 copies.
Now I feel old! Just get the real thing - it’s a classic, and only ~ $100.

I’ve also used those, but the Thomann ones are a lot better (not sure who makes them - they will be re-badged ). They are also a lot more robust than the Behringers (almost as strong as the originals)

Yes, SM copies.
The “MB75” is a really good copy at a little over 1/3 of the price.
The “MB85 beta” is not a direct copy - Thomann also do a “MB85” - it’s cheap, but that’s about the best that can be said. The MB85 beta is more like the SM58, but with more clarity at the top end, fractionally more handling noise, a bit less power handling and a little less rounded at the bottom end, but still extremely good value for money. (it’s certainly not an SM58 beta ).

I don’t know if you’ve tried a modern SM58, but they’re not as good as the old ones. I would choose my 20 something year old SM58 over an MB85 beta, but compared to a new 85 beta I think the MB is better ! (There are also a lot of poor quality fake SM58s sold on the Internet, so you have to be a bit careful).